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DMT Illuminating Water Cell Ampoule 5ml x 10

DMT Illuminating Water Cell Ampoule 5ml x 10


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韩国DMT素颜滴 De medicotem




    Contains 30,000PPM pure human stem cell culture media. Functional Moisturizer One Pot. Contains skin constitution protein such as EGF, PIGF etc

    Brightens Skin tone

    Improves skin resistance against infection

    Improves skin’s growth, smoothness and tenderness; promote synthesis of collagen

    Repairs damaged skin from seasonal changes, Reduce water loss from skin


Product Name: DMT: illuminating white cell ampoule

Specifications: 5ml*10 bottles

Ingredients: STeM water, containing 10 large growth factors 10



Growth factors:

1) TFG-β-converting growth factor (Improve skin healing from the scarring made during surgery)

2) EGF-Epidermal growth factor-promotes the proliferation and differentiation of epithelial cells. This means improving the cell reproduction to improve the skin’s age and replace old cells faster.

3) PIGF - Placental Growth Factor – Acts as a supplement towards skin growth.

4) PDGF-platelet growth factor-differentiation. Help to promote quicker cell healing especially if it is wounded; blood clot.

5) Fibronectin - Helps to promote growth of damaged tissue cells. (Eg: burns)

6) Procollagen – Maintain the elasticity of the skin through hydration

7) VEGF- Ensure the blood flowing in the skin is smooth. This is essential for the skin cells to grow.

8) BFGF-fibroblast growth factor – Repairs damaged skin (Eg: scars, wrinkles) and promote growth of new skin thanks to fibroblasts. Thus acting as an anti-wrinkle effects.

9) HGF-hepatocyte growth factor- Increases the cellular activity which aids in growth of the tissues in our organs.

10) IGF-insulin growth factor- Helps repair and improve the skin.


Sugan has 4 major effects:

1) Brighten Skin tone

2) Improve skin resistance against infection

3) Improve skin’s growth, smoothness and tenderness; promote synthesis of collagen

4) Repair damaged skin from seasonal changes, Reduce water loss from skin


How to use?

DMT is a rejuvenating product and can be used daily and after cleansing and toning.

For effective results, use 2-3 boxes continuously.

Product advantages:

1. Strong background in R&D. It is made by the Korea Institute of Biotechnology which specializes in the development of cell therapeutics. They are reputable as they are financially backed by the Korean government and Korea’s public hospitals.

2. Human Stem Cell With our scientific research and quality checks, we ensure each bottle contains high quality stem cells and has 3% of its content.

3. Distribution channels

South Korean Plastic Surgery hospitals. We are proud to say that we have passed the authoritative tests and licenses through them before it went on sale. This improves the credibility and have endorsements made by these authoritative organizations.




产品规格:5mlx10 bottles (ONE BOX)

















Product code: DMT drops Product Specifications: 


Ingredients: STeM water, containing 10 growth factors, each with different effects Sugan drops four major effects: 

One: dilute melanin and brighten skin tone; 

Second: to promote the increase of skin growth factor so that it can reach 10 large growth factors for skin treatment and repair

Three: Improve the micro-environment of cell growth, promote the synthesis of elastic fibers and collagen, 

make the skin elastic, and make the skin in a smooth and tender state.

Four: Repair the damaged skin barrier, strengthen the barrier defense function, resist the damage caused by seasonal changes to the skin, resist the infection of foreign bacteria to the skin, protect the skin from water loss, and comprehensively improve and strengthen the skin barrier function The use of facial drops: DMT is a rejuvenation product that can be used for daily care and treatment. 

It can be used daily after morning and evening after facial cleansing and toning steps. 

Each dose can be determined according to personal use, continuous use of 2 to 3 boxes, skin will have Significant.








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