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[Comment] ume_gm:feeds of user commentedI.Fairy Pearl Black Contact Lenses (2014-09-02 05:46:36)5
That was my first pair of circle lenses and I really loved it! The enlarging effect is amazing and the lenses are so cute!
[Comment] AnneMorsant:feeds of user commentedGeo Twin Series Brown YH-304 (2014-08-30 08:46:04)5
[Comment] LindyKSD:feeds of user commentedLovely Butterfly headband Wash Makeup Hair Band Shower Band Headband - Green Pink (2014-08-21 11:26:46)5
Very cute! The material is very soft, and it's also pretty tight so it wont slip of your head. Machine washable and very high quality material (fleece?). My only problem is that; I ordered a green-pink one but they sent me a purple-pink one instead, but it's not a huge problem.
Admin Replay
Dear, we are apologies for our mistake that caused you inconvenience, we will more careful on it. Really sorry!
[Comment] mlleFe:feeds of user commentedGEO Grang Grang Brown Lens HC-244 (2014-08-20 20:47:56)5
Very comfortable! The look is perfect on my hazel/light brown eyes. The enlargement is very natural and the pattern on the lens is indistinguishable from my iris. Perfect for those who don't want to look like they're wearing circle lenses.
[Comment] aninathy:feeds of user commentedHalloween White Screen circle lens (2014-08-13 07:54:00)5
is the pair?
Admin Replay
yes, a pair
[Comment] gaby83:feeds of user commentedMagic hair tools Styling Accessories Sponge Roller (2014-08-09 08:29:21)5
Nice and easy to use, hold hair just perfect, love it!
[Comment] biancabender:feeds of user commentedGeo Ultra XCK105 (2014-08-07 00:28:33)5
amazing! <3
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedEOS Bubble Blue Circle Lens (2014-08-01 09:47:07)5
How long would it take to ship to Brazil?
Admin Replay
It's take around 15-25 working days to reach Brazil
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedGeo HC-106 Hurricane Brown Circle Contact Lens (2014-07-19 10:13:08)5
how long will it take to ship to New Zealand?
Admin Replay
Around 15-20 working days to delivery to New Zealand
[Comment] Miha:feeds of user commentedHana SPC Barbie Circle Brown (2014-07-07 23:35:24)5
how long will it take to ship to Portugal ?
Admin Replay
Around 15-20 working days to reach Portugal

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