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[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedGeo Xtra WT-B61 Forest Violet 15mm (2014-06-26 19:50:03)5
They are my first circle lenses! My first experience with circle lenses started with them and they are perfect, comfy and cute. Thank you LoveShoppingholics for making my first experience amazing. ^^
[Comment] imnotthankless:feeds of user commentedGeo BC-102 Brown Circle Lens (2014-06-12 08:57:26)5
love these, they are super natural and feel realy comforatble. I especially like that they are not to big, since other lenses can make me look kind of creppy because of my natural smaller eyes. The shipping was also really fast. recommend it!
[Comment] grace84:feeds of user commentedGeo Ultra XCK105 (2014-06-01 18:15:14)5
Definitely some of the most comfortable lenses I own. I have very light eyes and they make me look incredibly doll-like.
[Comment] grace84:feeds of user commentedG&G/Dueba A21 Brown (2014-06-01 18:07:30)5
Completely comfortable and natural looking. I didn't quite feel any discomfort in my eyes for the day I was wearing them. I could wear them for 8 hours with no problems
[Comment] grace84:feeds of user commentedEOS New Adult Gray Circle Lens (2014-06-01 17:58:24)5
9/10 comfort: Comfy, but It does get a bit dry after 8 hours, but eyedrops can solve the problem easily. 10/10 colour: It a beautiful shade of gray. 9/10 enlargement: It's a bit bigger than what I usually wear, but it still looks natural.
[Comment] grace84:feeds of user commentedGEO HoliCat Lovely Choco (2014-06-01 17:55:09)5
This will be my 7th pair of lenses, these contacts are very natural on brown eyes. They ENHANCE your eyes rather than change them, super comfy. LoveShoppingholics.com never failed to amazed m
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedGLUTAX 12g Advanced-HD ~ Glutathione 12000mg (2014-05-31 17:11:34)5
[Comment] Blackrose98:feeds of user commentedI.Fairy Eclipse Violet Contact Lenses (2014-05-24 17:13:40)5
The color is beautiful and very fast shipping❤️
[Comment] Blackrose98:feeds of user commentedI.Fairy Eclipse Violet Contact Lenses (2014-05-24 17:12:53)5
Love it.. And fast shipping ;) the color it beautiful☺️
[Comment] Chelly:feeds of user commentedNew! Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Black (2014-05-24 12:44:38)5
I absolutely love this eyeliner! It's easy to use and is slick and can be as thin as you'd like and I love it c:

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