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[Comment] Angie112:feeds of user commentedGEO HoliCat Barbie Hazel (2014-05-03 23:52:50)5
So comfort! I can wear for 8 hours. Fast shipping, 15 days to reach California
[Comment] yuniikuyou:feeds of user commentedFynale J01 Honoo Gray Circle Lens (2014-04-30 13:35:08)5
Super comfortable. My favorite lenses. A little drying, but it's a after 8 hours.
[Comment] yuniikuyou:feeds of user commentedJapan Barbie Circle Eye(Ring)-Blue (2014-04-30 13:16:39)5
Most comfortable of my lenses. Very dark, but when light flashes just right, it's very cool. Makes eyes look very big too.
[Comment] Gaelle:feeds of user commentedGeo Nudy Gray Circle Lens (2014-04-26 05:39:55)4
I love these lenses! They are very comfortable. The result is very natural!! ♥
[Comment] luanas:feeds of user commentedVassen / I.Fairy Ash Green Contact Lens (2014-04-22 10:36:19)5
adorei... linda.... exatamente como na foto
[Comment] Meritursas:feeds of user commentedFynale J01 Honoo Red Circle Lens (2014-04-15 02:56:38)5
These are just perfect!! Since I have grey eyes, these looked more like pinkish red to me but that I was looking for, so I wouldn't be more than a happy! And these are super comfortable!! Thank you!!☆☆☆☆☆
[Comment] AngellyRAWR:feeds of user commentedGEO HoliCat Funky Blue (2014-04-11 21:33:22)5
Hi, was wondering if I have to choose two different degrees for lenses. Well I have different degrees in each eye. Thank you.
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[Comment] meritursas:feeds of user commentedNew! Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Black (2014-04-04 00:54:35)5
Absolutely love and recommend this product! It's very easy to apply and it dries super fast and stays on all day and won't smudge! I will definitely re-purchase when it runs out. Absolutely fantastic!!
[Comment] Grace84:feeds of user commentedVassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Blue Contact Lenses (2014-04-01 13:02:54)5
The color is so subtle, yet so striking on my very dark brown eyes! Love it!
[Comment] Grace84:feeds of user commentedFynale J01 Honoo Blue Circle Lens (2014-04-01 13:00:54)5
These lenses are soft and super comfortable! These show up blue on my dark brown eyes. So happy with them! Thank you!

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