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[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedShinny Violet (known as Puffy 3 tone Violet) (2015-12-01 04:43:25)5
Do we need to know our eye vishion
Admin Replay
Yes, or you may choose plano 0.00 if you have perfect vision
[Comment] Nullux:feeds of user commentedICK Petal Blue Contact Lenses (2015-11-09 22:16:29)5
These lens are brilliant if you're looking for an enhancement and enlarger.I'd definitely recommend these to anyone, ICK's petal series is becoming one of my favorite lines thanks to these lenses <3 Read more on my blog here: http://cosmic-stellar.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/ick-petal-blue-circle-lenses-review.html
[Comment] Bittersweet:feeds of user commentedVassen Dolly Plus Red (2015-10-06 03:27:32)5
Lovely lenses and colour! They look like watermelon! So happy with this purchase!
[Comment] sumi95:feeds of user commentedEOS Max Pure Pink Circle Lens (2015-09-18 23:22:53)5
You have written 15.5mm and 14.5mm diameter.
Admin Replay
Actual diameter 14.5mm, enlargement effect 15.0mm
[Comment] Nullux:feeds of user commentedICK Petal Brown Contact Lenses (2015-08-23 05:52:57)5
These are one of the most beautiful lenses I've ever found! I can't wait to try them on. <3 I've fully reviewed them here! http://cosmic-stellar.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/ick-petal-brown-circle-lenses-review.html
[Comment] FreyShaVu:feeds of user commentedHalloween Vampire Red (2015-08-22 21:12:26)5
Absolutely loved them! They are very comfortable and look exactly like they are shown as. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for a pair of red contact lenses! c:
[Comment] FreyShaVu:feeds of user commentedHalloween Vampire Red (2015-08-22 21:08:41)5
I loved them! c: They are comfortable and look exactly like they are shown as. Definitely recommend these if you're looking for red contacts!
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedICK Freshlook Gray Contact Lenses (2015-08-02 09:58:24)4
These contacts are very comfortable. They look really natural and beautiful within an arms distance. Up close, it's not so natural. The contact will enlarge your eyes for sure. On my eyes, the contact is big so my pupil does not align well. It makes it look like I'm looking in two different directions (lol). They look great in daylight and in pictures!
[Comment] lawrence12:feeds of user commentedVassen / I.Fairy Super Crystal Brown Contact Lens (2015-07-21 14:01:43)5
I like that size. And I like this online. They are good packing and good gift sent. Ty
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedEOS Super Neon Pink Contact Lens (2015-07-15 04:11:09)5
OMG! i'm falling in love with this lens <3

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