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[Comment] stefany:feeds of user commentedBarrel Style Contact lens WASHERS Case (White) (2015-07-03 00:39:48)5
Hello, I wonder if they can make shipments to Mexico
Admin Replay
Yes, we ship to Mexico, we ship worldwide
[Comment] xiaominren:feeds of user commentedGeo Tri Color Green Circle Lens (2015-05-30 12:49:37)5
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedEOS Super Neon Pink Contact Lens (2015-05-30 11:25:35)5
Hola cuanto cuesta un par en pesos mexicanos??
Admin Replay
We accept USD currency only, but you can check the currency in PayPal.
[Comment] monochromedoll:feeds of user commentedLuxury Babe 08 Pink Circle Lens (2015-05-25 04:43:39)5
These are amazing lenses, super comfy and super cute! 5/5 http://monochrome-doll.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/contact-lenses-reviewluxury-babe-pink.html here is my review for you guys!
[Comment] rhea:feeds of user commentedEOS Ice Green (2015-05-15 20:22:18)5
From ice green to ice grey order 2015051512317
Admin Replay
Dear, we change your order from EOS Ice Green to EOS Ice Gray
[Comment] Sebastin:feeds of user commentedEOS New Adult Red Circle Lens (2015-05-15 07:23:28)5
Hi, I'd like to know how long it takes to my order to arrive in the united states if I get international register air mail.
Admin Replay
Dear, it's take around 15 working days to reach your doorstep.
[Comment] doirs:feeds of user commentedGEO Bella Brown Circle Lens BS-204 (2015-05-11 10:54:15)5
Great lens, I've used them for a year and they worked so well!
[Comment] xxevelynnxx:feeds of user commentedGEO SF-35 Green w/Black Outline Crazy Lens (2015-04-28 13:44:13)5
Very comfortable! perfect for my Noiz cosplay.
[Comment] kalizore:feeds of user commentedGEO SF-34 Blue w/Black Outline Crazy Lens (2015-04-27 05:44:08)5
How long to takes to arrive to Madrid (Spain) ??
Admin Replay
it's take around 15-20 working days to reach you
[Comment] hiba1995:feeds of user commentedDolly Eye Gray Circle Lens (2015-04-06 02:07:14)5
very good

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